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(Bimah, Bima, Bimeh, Amud) The bimah is the central pillar from where the Torah is read and where the chazzan leads the prayer service.

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3267 - f456


Bima Rav Zait - BM Rav Zait

BM Rav Zait

Bima-Yavne76 - BM Yavne

BM Yavne

Bimot14 - Bimot14


Copy of DSCF1002a - Copy of DSCF1002a

Copy of DSCF1002a

DSC03635 (2) - DSC03635 (2)

DSC03635 (2)

DSCF1060a - AK Young Israel

AK Young Israel

DSCF1065a - BM Young Israel

BM Young Israel

DSCF1298a - DSCF1298a


hset - H-set


Rehovot-bima4 - BM Rehovot

BM Rehovot

Showing Items: 1 - 11 (Total 11)

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